Skills and Competences


Mother tongue: Italian
June 2017: Official course to teach Italian to foreign people (all ages); DITALS, Istituto Dante Alighieri, Milan, Italy.

Other languages: English (Excellent), French (Very Good), German (Good), Spanish (Good), Arabic (Basic), Latin (Reading knowledge, Excellent).

Very good communication skills gained through my experience during research, study and my academic activities, as: Founder and Executive Director of a European Cultural Society, Founder and President of the International Cultural Association Philosophical News, Editor-in-Chief of the official journal of the EMSP, Project Manager of the new platform, employer and collaborator in publishing houses, coordinator of international teams, organizer of  seminars, national and international conferences.


Information processing. Proficient user. I can use advanced search strategies (e.g. using search operators) to find reliable information on the internet. I can use web feeds (like RSS) to be updated with content I am interested in. I can assess the validity and credibility of information using a range of criteria. I am aware of new advances in information search, storage and retrieval. Ι can save information found on the internet in different formats. I can use cloud information storage services.

Communication. Proficient user. I actively use a wide range of communication tools (e-mail, chat, SMS, instant messaging, blogs, micro-blogs, social networks) for online communication. I can create and manage content with collaboration tools (e.g. electronic calendars, project management systems, online proofing, online spreadsheets). I actively participate in online spaces and use several online services (e.g. public services, e-banking, online shopping). I can use advanced features of communication tools (e.g. video conferencing, data sharing, application sharing). I can interact online with companies finding funding and sponsorship.

Content creation. Proficent user. I can produce or modify complex, multimedia content in different formats, using a variety of digital platforms, tools and environments. I can create website, new online journals, brochure, flyers, all kind of online publications. I know how to apply licences and copyrights. I know how to design, create and modify databases with a computer tool.

Safety. Proficient user. I frequently check the security configuration and systems of my devices and/or of the applications I use. I know how to react if my computer is infected by a virus. I can configure or modify the firewall and security settings of my digital devices. I know how to encrypt e-mails or files. I can apply filters to spam e-mails. I have an informed stance on the impact of digital technologies on online consumption, and the environment.

Problem solving. Proficient user. I can solve almost all problems that arise when using digital technology. I can choose the right tool, device, application, software or service to solve (non-technical) problems. I am aware of new technological developments. I understand how new tools work. I frequently update my digital skills.